Contacting Us
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The creator of this project and maintainer of this site is Mercury0x000d (Mercury Thirteen). He can be contacted via e-mail at Mercury makes only a couple minor requests for any e-mails you choose to send. If you follow them, it'll really help him sort through all that mail! First, please avail yourself of the subject line. If you're reporting a bug, making a suggestion, asking a question, or whatever, please, please, please mention that in the subject line. Second, don't expect a response. Not that Mercury is so stuck up that he'll refuse to respond to your e-mail, he just usually doesn't have the time to respond to it all, and so is forced to only respond to e-mails which require further discussion of the subject matter. And, finally, third. Please do not feel it necessary in any way shape or form to refer to Mercury in the third person, as he is doing right here in this section. So, on behalf of Mercury and I... thank you!