Development Plan
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This is the development plan for the Exelyx kernel and its accompanying applications, fixes, and features. As of version 1.40, Step One has been completed, and Step Two will be close behind, hinging on the impending release of kernel 2.00. The next phase of development, Step Three, is scheduled to begin in the beginning of next year. Exelyx will be completed in Step Four, when the first package is ready, which will contain not only the Exelyx kernel, but also a choice of interfaces- a command prompt and a GUI which will feature a selection of Window Modules, enabling the operating system to take on a variety of appearances. Bundled with the OS itself will be a various application programs to accomplish everyday tasks, such as text editing, image manipulation, records management, a day planner, backup tools, and a system health utility, a variety of games, among others. Unlike the popular operating systems, Exelyx will include development tools with the package, including an assembly level debugger, a compiler, and example code so that anyone who is so inclined can use the existing source code to build on the Exelyx foundation.