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The versions that are available are only betas, and as of yet there's not really a big variety of things that that can be downloaded, due to the fact that the kernel is incomplete. This will definitely change though by the time Exelyx reaches its first official release, 2.00. All the kernel modules and archives are GPL licensed software, so feel free to share and modify them however you see fit.

feature concept demos / other accessories        n/a                            17.2 KB
These are hard to find [out of production] drivers for DOS which enable sound and MIDI support.

CD interface                 n/a                            58.2 KB
This is a demonstration of the audio CD support routines in the Sound Module.

Kernel Series 2
Display Module                 version 2.0                25.4 KB
This is the complete PowerBASIC source for the module that powers any and all things graphics related. It currently only supports 8 bit color, but future modifications will add 16 and 24 bit support as well.

File Module                       version 2.0               15.2 KB
This module controls all manner of file access for the new kernel. Includes Windows-style LFN support.

Hardware Module               version 2.0               14.7 KB
The Hardware Module provides low level detailed interaction with the devices in the computer. Includes mouse support and drive probing.

Text Module                      version 2.0               16.4 KB
A collection of routines for manipulating text, entirely in XMS. Supports text objects up to 64MB in size.

Kernel Betas [no longer under development]
TechRef.rtf                                     n/a                           29.3 KB
The Exelyx kernel technical manual, which details everything from the kernel's internal assembly opcode set to the complete error code list and more... full of intricate goodies!

kernel archives:
kernel                             version 1.40              140 KB
kernel                             version 1.35              125 KB
kernel                             version 1.34              122 KB
kernel                             version 1.33              132 KB
kernel                             version 1.00              98.1 KB

Exelyx applications:                                    version 1.0               606 bytes
A simple clock which stays resident in the upper right corner of the screen. Originally made only to test the kernel's multitasking and priority level processing. Includes assembly source code.                                      version 1.0               597 bytes
A plain date display app for the Exelyx kernel. Uses the priority functions of kernel 1.40 and up. Includes assembly source code.                                      version 1.0             692 bytes
A utility which constantly prints the number of instruction loops being executed per second on your computer. Also includes assembly source code.

development tools:                                          version 1.0            46.9 KB
The Exelyx Assembly Compiler. A program which compiles assembly code into an executable program. Includes 'pachelp.txt', a guide for use, incomplete as it might be.                                      version 1.0              41.2 KB
Still under development, but available for your evaluation and contribution. This compiler will take a BASIC source code file and translate it into Exelyx assembly. It will be compatible with the BASIC programming language, and will support many of PowerBASIC's additional statements. Any programs you have which are written in QBASIC or PowerBASIC should be easy to compile and run under Exelyx, usually without modification. It will also support accessing the API functions of other applications and the kernel itself through interrupts.