Warp OEM is a minimalistic, performance-centered ROM for the ZTE Warp with a custom-themed twist on the Warp's stock interface designed to deliver a professional look and feel.


Prerequisites: you must have a custom recovery (e.g. CWM or TWRP) installed to be able to load
this ROM. Warp OEM is not for all versions of the ZTE Warp, only Boost Mobile customers. A version of
Public Mobile is not available.

Warp OEM now supports the uninstallation of many optional preloaded apps! To more simply support this new feature (and to reduce issues encountered when installing over a previous installation, e.g. a 'dirty' install) the installer will now wipe /data as well. You will need to restore your other apps from within a management utility such as Titanium Backup.

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Known issues

If you are having trouble getting a specific app to work once again after installing Warp OEM, try un- and re-installing it.
Instagram is one app which is noted to have this issue.

See the Android forum posts for the original discussion of the WarpOEM ROM